Key West is THE Place to Ring in the New Year

Sure, New Year's Eve is a time to let go of the old and ring in the new, to reflect, and to make resolutions. But, let's be honest: it's also a time to party. And, here in America, we like to party by watching things drop on New Year's Eve. While New Yorkers bundle up and flock to Time's Square to watch the ball drop at midnight, Georgians head to Atlanta's Underground to celebrate by watching a giant peach drop. Following tradition, Key West vacationers cut loose in bathing suits and flip-flops and choose from some of the country's most unique New Year's "drops."

The Country's Best Party:
A staple of Key West's New Year's celebration is the famous conch shell drop at Sloppy Joe's bar. Although Sloppy Joe's has been a New Year's tradition for sixteen years, it's not the only option in Key West. For a spicy celebration, Sushi, Key West's drag queen celebrity, is lowered from the Bourbon Street Pub balcony atop a giant, red, high-heel. And, as a pirate-inspired countdown, Key West's Historic Seaport drops a Pirate Wench from the mast of a schooner. Or course, all these options are best complimented by a dazzling fireworks display mirrored off of the Atlantic Ocean at the end of White Street Pier.

The Country's Best Vacation Town: Celebrating New Year's Eve in shorts and a t-shirt should be enough reason to travel to Key West this year. However, if the warm weather and laid-back vibe isn't enough to convince you, perhaps a look into the town's amenities will speak louder. Aside from its reputation as one of America's best party towns, Key West is also famous for its sunsets. Lined with bars, shops, and restaurants, Duval Street leads right into a huge pier on the Atlantic Ocean, creating the perfect spot to watch stellar sunsets. While the visual display is breathtaking, the accompanying activity of street buskers who dazzle the crowd with acrobats, contortions, magic, and music always provide good "background" entertainment as well. Of course, getting away from the crowd can sometimes be in order. Take a walk down Key West's famous Old Town lanes, where your senses will be overcome with the smell of jasmine. And, don't forget that Key West is a beach town. If you're a fish lover, rent a boat in Key West cast your hand at deep sea fishing in the Atlantic or fly fishing in the back country. Or, express your love for fish simply by sitting down to a fabulous dinner at one of Key West's famous seafood restaurants. Take a chartered trip to find dolphins, or dive and snorkel in beautiful coral reefs. Rent a kayak to cruise through the backcountry's water, or hop on a catamaran for exciting sailing. Whether you come to Key West for the party, the beauty, or the activity, you certainly won't be disappointed.

The Country's Easiest Vacation: Sure, New Orleans is known as the "Big Easy," but the term can certainly be true of Key West as well. You'll find yourself taking life a bit easier as soon as you get to town. And, to compliment this attitude, you can make your trip to Key West even easier just by taking advantage of the many rental options available. Not only can you rent boating and fishing gear, but you can find just about any beach item you'll need for rent, including Key West scooter rentals, roller blades, and even sandcastle-making supplies. But, perhaps the best rental option comes with your accommodation choices. Whether you're looking for a condo right on Duval Street or a quaint beach home, you'll find exactly what you're looking for in Key West. New Year's Eve is the world's best night to party. This year, don't just come to the right place to countdown the seconds until midnight, but also come to the best place to spend the first few days of the New Year. In all likelihood, your resolution will be to get back to Key West soon.


Maureen Dattilo


Telluride Offers the Best of Colorado

It's snowing in Telluride, and this fact has the whole town buzzing with excitement. Fresh powder means only one thing to this western Colorado vacation town--it's time to hit the slopes. With a summit elevation of 12,260 feet and 1,700 acres of skiable terrain, Telluride is a paradise for skiers and boarders. But, let's face it; Telluride does have a lot to offer other than its annual 300 inches of snow. If you're planning your next ski vacation, Telluride tops your destination list for many reasons.

Colorado's Favorite: The state of Colorado is synonymous with skiing, and for good reason. The Rocky Mountains fill the western half of the state with one ski town after another, leaving you with many destination choices for a ski vacation. So, what makes Telluride stand out among the best? The historic feel of Telluride will literally take you back to the days of the Wild West. Old saloons and historic buildings line Main Street, serving as sheltered remnants of the town's historic mining days. Still, new life comes to Telluride in the form of luxury hotels, fine spas, and five-star restaurants. But, the town knows how to combine the new with the old by blending simple, old-fashioned cheer with refined, elegant tastes.
The result is a town that knows how to have fun, both on the slopes and off, creating a laid-back vibe that immediately attaches itself to visitors. Still, what's best about Telluride is that it's off the beaten path. You won't fight long lines of tourist traffic on Main Street (in fact, the town's free gondola is the main mode of transportation), and you will finally get to experience what it's like to ski in peaceful (and often very private) beauty. Plus, with airports in Telluride and nearby Montrose (in addition to Grand Junction and Durango), access is easy.

A Skier's Delight:
Telluride has been called "the most beautiful place you'll ever ski" for good reason. Engulfed by the highest concentration of 14,000 foot peaks in all of North America, a mixture of terrain provides spectacular skiing for all levels. So, whether you're looking to practice your abilities on finely groomed runs or challenging moguls, you're sure to find yourself among the most breathtaking views while on the slopes of Telluride.
And, this year, Telluride releases the Black Iron Bowl, opening eight new runs in a hike-to area that is set to the stunning backdrop of Palmyra Peak. Of course, the mountain also hosts a dramatic setting for snowshoeing, sleigh ride dinners, mountain tours, NASTAR racing, and other competitions. Simultaneously, the town lights up with events and activities that will entertain your entire crew. The Comforts of Home: A mountain getaway is not complete without a cozy place to stay that will accommodate your entire group.

Whether you're planning a romantic weekend getaway with your spouse or a week-long vacation with the entire family, you'll want to find the accommodations that will best suit your needs. Fortunately, in Telluride, you have a lot of options. Renting a condo, townhome, or large vacation home is almost always a better bet than a room at the local hotel. Not only will you enjoy more space, but you'll also have the comforts of home such as a fully-equipped kitchen, dining area, and living room. Plus, you'll have the benefit of added features such as a fireplace, deck, hot tub, and even hotel-type amenities such as a pool and exercise room, in many cases. Beyond renting your cozy mountain cabin, you can rent just about anything you'll need to complete your Telluride vacation. In addition to the normal mountain rentals such as snowmobile rentals, skis or snowboards, you can even rent baby furniture and accessories to make travelling with tots much easier. Do yourself a favor.
Make your ski trip a real vacation this winter. By choosing Telluride, you're guaranteeing your crew world-class skiing in a world-class town. So many return visitors can't be wrong; Telluride is the Colorado mountain town for your next ski vacation.


Maureen Dattilo


Parenting Made Easy with Rental Options

As a parent to a new baby, you’re likely seeing life with a whole new set of eyes. While your feelings of unconditional love and devotion are quickly changing your perception of the world, it’s certainly not a stretch to confess that just about every detail in your life has gone through a major transformation. Beyond the dramatic changes to your sleeping pattern, your work schedule, and your lifestyle, your home has likely had a face lift as well. Your once clean and organized surroundings have been overtaken by the insurmountable items that your tiny bundle requires. And, while it seems inevitable that your baby is only going to need more things as he or she grows, you’ve quickly realized that your bank account is dwindling. Fortunately, many other parents have been there before and have survived by opting to rent equipment, supplies, and products from reputable online companies.

The Growth Factor: All new parents share the same surprising reaction when they realize that a baby doesn’t stay tiny for long. Somehow, between the baby’s first days out of the womb to the days of first words and first steps, time slips away. As the days turn into weeks and then months, your baby will outgrow everything from clothes and toys to playpens and highchairs at a shocking rate. Rather than putting your pocketbook through round after round of new sizes and products, consider renting baby items that your children will outgrow quickly.

Out with the Old, In with the New: Let’s face it. Although a new baby is welcomed and celebrated, you’ve likely scoffed at the amount of space you’ve had to give up to make room for your new addition. Why fill your closets with safety gates and high chairs that the baby won’t be able to use for the first few months? Similarly, why unpack new baby accessories only to put old, outgrown items away to collect dust? By renting, you can save the storage space and begin a more logical cycle of renting only what you need, when you need it. You’ll be amazed at both the cost and space savings that will follow.

Travel with Ease: Having a baby shouldn’t restrict you from getting out of the house. In fact, you’ll likely welcome the opportunity to travel with the baby, showing him or her off to new places and new faces. If you thought packing was a hassle in the past, you’re in for a rude awakening now that you have a child as a travel companion. But, like most things in life, there’s always an easier option. Rather than loading your pack-n-play, high chair, and swing set, rent the equipment that you’ll need and have it sent right to your destination. If your travel plans take you to Grandma and Grandpa’s house, ask your parents to become familiar with baby gear rental options near their home. They’ll jump at the opportunity to make their grandchild’s visit easier for everyone. And, because new locations often mean different climates and new sightseeing opportunities, renting is once again a better choice than buying new. For example, if you’re traveling to warm weather, you might opt to rent everything from a sandbox and toys to a safety gate that will allow the baby to take advantage of the warmth of the outdoors. Or, if you’re headed on a mountain adventure, rent a framed backpack specifically designed to carry your miniature companion.

Benefit from your Baby’s Belongings: Unless you’re willing to host one garage sale after another, chances are that your outgrown baby items will one day need to find a new home. After all, you’ll have to make room for all the “big kid” items your child will soon demand. Once again, the rental market is the logical and economical answer. Online rental companies make it easy for you to make money by renting your old baby items to others. Rather than letting your old items grow mold in the basement, list them on an online site and make money by passing on the benefit of your item to another new parent. Save your parenting adventures for the real challenges of teething and potty training rather than late-night budget crunches and endless shopping trips. When you open yourself and your baby up to the rental world, you’ll soon find that your options become as bountiful as your joy.
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